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Update No.7 20th April 2016

By April 20, 2016No Comments

Wow! What a crazy month!

We want to thank everyone for the wonderful support we have received so far. We are completely and utterly humbled by everyone who has decided to financially support us via the various crowd funding tiers – we have only 45 Octaves left!

There has been support from all over the world; Japan, Singapore, Australia, Taiwan, China, USA, France, Belgium, Czech Republic, Germany, Holland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway and of course the UK – Again, thank you so much, we are delighted that you want to be part of our journey.

So….. what have we been doing….. well, deposits have been paid, storage units supplied, ground works have been completed and this week the builders have started converting the Fire Station.

 THINGS are happening!

THINGS are happening!


We have both been working so hard to make this succeed, it has at points been pretty hard going, but thankfully we have awesome support from family, friends, staff and of course you guys!

I managed to disappear for a weekend to see my beautiful friends get married and then catch up with the Mr Watt, Mr MacRaild and Mr Beach in Campbeltown… Simon is spending some well deserved time off with wee Harriet this week 🙂

 That wee face keeps us all going!

That wee face keeps us all going!

 Important research trip.....

Important research trip…..

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