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Ballot Information

With the success of our ballot system, used for Cask 001 and Bimber #167, we have expanded on the concept with an automated custom software program.  Only 1 bottle of cask 001 was sold by a crowdfunder/tier 1 person.  The idea is that your ballot status is more valuable than making some fast money so you might as well enjoy your whisky and not think about resell values.

The program was designed to:

  • Be spam resistant
  • Be bot resistant
  • Cut out flippers
  • Get whisky to drinkers and supporters
  • Get whisky to bars and clubs

Now with more tiers! We are now running 8 tiers and mandatory accounts. The lower the tier the greater the chances (1 – 8). The more we are able to verify our customers, the lower their tier. We will run ballots for 48 hours. You will not know your tier.

What to do.

  1. Make an account on
  2. Keep an eye out for emails from us, make sure we are exempt from spam filters and you have confirmed your subscription to our newsletter
  3. Enter ballot (one entry per person/household)
  4. If we have multiple Ballots available, you must check out ONE AT A TIME

How it works:

When you checkout with a ballot entry and enter your card details, Dornoch Distillery will place a “hold” on your account for the cost of the product.  Basically, our payment system holds the option to remove that amount from your account.  If you win the ballot, the amount is automatically removed from your account, if you do not win the ballot, the “hold” is released. When there is a hold on your account, you can not spend that money.  It may take several days for your bank to allow you access to that amount after we drop the hold. Please contact your bank if the money is not returned to your account.

How do I get even more verified?

We are manually adjusting the tiers of our customers, we won’t say how we do this or what tier you are in.  if you want to provide evidence to help us get you to a higher tier,  We’d love to see the following:

  • Be a good whisky person 😉
  • Send us pictures of you with your open/empty bottles of Thompson Bros/DD bottlings
  • No stuff about death or tragedy as a justification for getting whisky
  • Drink your whisky



We will keep track of who receives which bottle number from each batch via the ballot system (Dornoch Distillery bottlings). If your bottle is sold and we find out about it, you will be removed from the ballot system entirely. If we catch you flipping bottles, you will be dropped.

The fate of your bottles is your responsibility. If someone else uses a numbered bottle you bought via ballot to increase tier status, you are dropped from the ballot

If something doesn’t pass the smell test, we reserve the right to adjust your tier or drop you. We have a number of safeguards in place and we have caught a lot of attempts to manipulate previous ballots. We go a bit overboard on this so I wouldn’t recommend trying your luck.


Crowdfunders, who were previously tier 1 (of 2) will start at a high tier.  You are initially top of the pile as tiers, but there is still a path to further improve your chances. It is helpful if your webshop account uses the same lead name/email address used to sign up for the crowdfunding campaign.

Bars and Clubs

We encourage our importers and distributors to supply good whisky bars.  Please get in touch if you need a contact for your region. If you have an account with us that is *only* for a bar or club, we will happily put you at a lower tier with a high chance of winning with the following conditions:

  • The won bottles are only used for the bar/club
  • We reserve the right to publicly publish your organisation as a winner
  • We reserve the right to write your organisation’s name on the label
  • Fair pricing

Contact us on:


We reserve the right to modify this system without notice.

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