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Update No. 6 30th March 2016

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Quick state of play;

  • Groundworks for warehouse and bottling hall done
  • External building works started
  • internal works starting 8th of April
  • Pot stills ordered
  • Column still ordered
  • pumps ordered
  • Wooden washbacks ordered
  • Crowdfunding, raised over £90000 so far
  • Working with HMRC to allow mini experimental setup 😉
  • Suppliers lined up for our specialist cereals and botanicals
  • Deposits paid for 1st fill exOrganic Bourbon & Rye Octaves  
  • Highlands and Islands Enterprise assistance secured
  • Designer working on logo modifications for t-shirts


We still have a lot to do.  There are lots of equipment that is in line.  We initially focused on items with the longest lead in times and the building itself.    We made some last minute modifications to the mash tun design and our HLT.  There are some modifications to the receivers to keep HMRC happy with regards to security… and a 1000 other things to sort out.

The crowdfunding campaign has been a major success and a big thanks to everyone who has got involved so far.   As before, no bank loans or equity investors for this project and having the involvement  and investment of hundreds of individuals is essential to seeing this project through to reality and setting up a solid base for the next 10,20, 30+ years.  A secure future and delicious spirits should result.

In terms of schedule, we are still on schedule for producing in July or August.  This is getting exciting!

Simon & Philip

 Yummy Organic Octaves on the way to Dornoch

Yummy Organic Octaves on the way to Dornoch

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