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Update No 5 13th of March 2016

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Thank You everyone!  

This week our building warrant finally came in (permission to begin building, applied for after planning permission is received) and we have booked contractors for clearing the way for wee warehouse and bottling room which will be hidden behind an existing building in the garden and we are organising a start date with the builders.

 Let's hope we don't have to use it.

Let’s hope we don’t have to use it.

We are receiving some assistance from Highlands and Islands Enterprise, essentially we can claim back a small percentage of capital expenditure while setting up.  We’ve been holding off paying for anything big until now as we are only covered after the approval date which has now moved to early next week.

 1881 is a palindrome and an ambigram. 

1881 is a palindrome and an ambigram. 

Last week we went live with our crowd funder via a Scottish based managed platform.   We had to have it taken down straight away as it would not take international bank details, only UK.  We immediately built our own webshop based crowd funder as a replacement, had it tested and soft launched within 4 hours then announced on Facebook the following day.

 Not sure if we can do anything with this.

Not sure if we can do anything with this.

As of just now we have raised £72890 from this campaign.  This puts us in a much stronger position than we were expecting and allows us to move faster without waiting on the sale of some property we own which is currently on the market, which can help pay for additional production down the line.

We’ll keep the fundraiser running on our here for a while  

Again, thank you to all of those who have faith in us.

(Special mention to Ryan Shiach for the lovely photos)


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