Secret Speyside Single Malt Scotch Whisky, 2011, 11 Years Old, 70CL, 48.5% ABV

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Secret Speyside Single Malt Scotch Whisky

2011, 11 Years Old

2x Refill Sherry Butts

48.5% ABV

Artwork by: KMG

This release is reasonably large vatting of +1500 bottles from two refill Sherry butts tactically diluted to 48.5%ABV. An excellent daily speyside dram with plenty of gentle refill sherry notes and raw ingredients present. Quite distillate drive.

As this is quite a large batch this release will be for general sale (no ballot) and will be a max of two per household/person.

Nose: Very close to the raw ingredients; grist, boiled barley sugar sweets. Some lime cordial, grapefruit peel, freshly opened box of Swan matches, dry Reisling, and lemon juice. Some meaty/umami notes; Gamey with a touch of Amontillado and Kombu seaweed.

Palate: Barley notes continue; Robinsons barley water, baked pastries & bread, grapefruit juice. More gamey notes, meaty with a background hint of struck match. Sultanas, mace, ginger lime wine gums & sea salt.

Finish: Ginger, citrus peel, sultana and Amontillado Sherry.

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Non-Chill filtered and natural colour. This spirit may haze at low temperatures and under dilution.

Tasting notes converted in Chat GPT….. 😑

Nose: This Speyside Single Malt Scotch Whisky 2011 aged 11 years by the Thompson Bros, Dornoch opens with an aromatic embrace of the raw ingredients, reminiscent of grist and boiled barley sugar sweets. As you delve deeper, vibrant hints of lime cordial and grapefruit peel intertwine, offering a zesty and refreshing sensation. There is a touch of anticipation, like the freshly opened box of Swan matches, adding a subtle smoky element. A dry Reisling character emerges, accompanied by the refreshing tang of lemon juice. Completing the olfactory journey, you’ll encounter intriguing umami notes, where the whisky takes on a gamey quality, akin to succulent meat. Hints of Amontillado Sherry and Kombu seaweed add complexity, providing a savoury and briny undertone.

Palate: On the palate, the barley notes persist, resonating with the essence of Robinsons’ barley water, evoking memories of warm summer days. Baked pastries and bread contribute a comforting and wholesome element, while the tangy burst of grapefruit juice enlivens the senses. The gamey qualities from the nose become more pronounced, offering a meaty richness, accompanied by a subtle background hint of struck match, adding an alluring smokiness. The whisky surprises with the introduction of sultanas, providing a delicate sweetness that harmonizes with the spiciness of mace and ginger. Lime wine gums bring a zingy vibrancy, and a touch of sea salt rounds off the experience with a subtle saline touch.

Finish: The finish leaves a lasting impression, as the warmth of ginger envelopes the palate, leaving a pleasant and invigorating sensation. Citrus peel adds a zesty and aromatic flourish, while sultanas offer a gentle sweetness that lingers. The influence of Amontillado Sherry becomes more apparent, contributing a refined depth and complexity to the whisky’s character. Overall, this whisky leaves a satisfying and well-rounded impression, providing a delightful combination of ginger, citrus peel, sultanas, and the alluring touch of Amontillado Sherry.

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