How our gin is made?


We start with an organic neutral wheat spirit

Katie Guthrie | Thompson Bros

Botanical Blend

Which is combined with our base botanical blend


We then slowly distill our infused spirit for up to 36 hours

Raspberry & Elder Flower component

We take Organic raspberry & elderflower and infuse them with organic wheat spirit for 24-36 Hours to extract maximum flavour

New Make spirit

We take 10% new make spirit; exactly the same as we fill into our casks for whisky. This gives our gin a creamy texture and a fruity character

Katie Guthrie | Thompson Bros
Katie Guthrie | Thompson Bros


We take our base blend, raspberry, elderflower and new make spirit and combine them together based on taste and previous batches

Slow Dilution

Once blended together we then dilute our spirit over one week to allow for full integration and flavour development

Katie Guthrie | Thompson Bros
Katie Guthrie | Thompson Bros


Our gin is then bottled and is ready for you!