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How our gin is made?


We start with neutral grain based spirit, this is combined with our proprietary blend of botanicals, creating a base for our gin.

Katie Guthrie | Thompson Bros

Botanical Blend

We distil a number of our botanicals separately, to make sure we retain the best flavours from each.


These separate components are combined with neutral spirit and compounded for 48hrs at 60% after which we dilute to 30% and distil in small batches.


The single botanical distillates are then combined with our gin base by taste to create our final gin.

Katie Guthrie | Thompson Bros
Katie Guthrie | Thompson Bros

Slow Dilution

The gin is then rested for a minimum of 2 weeks to allow the the components to marry together before being slowly diluted down to the bottling strength using reverse osmosis water.


Next our gin is bottled in house, and shipped on to you.

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